Amindi and Kari Faux's  "Love Em Leave Em" Is the Decade's First Anthem for Ladies

Photo:  Myai Anthony

A new decade has begun and this Capricorn season is ensuring that we utilize the New Year resolutions we set in 2019. Despite being a little over a week into January, there have already been a plethora of distractions, temptations, and heavy news announcements darkening our vision and causing us to lose sight of who we want to be and what we want to do to get there.

However, like striking rays of sunshine tearing through the darkness, Los Angeles-based beauties Amindi and Kari Faux have arrived bearing an infectious beat that doubles as a reminder to keep your eyes on the prize.

“Love Em Leave Em” is a meticulous soiree of rap, soul, reggae, dancehall, R&B, and Amindi’s love for all things cinema. The song employs a message of self-sufficiency and success and uses the Versicolor music video - directed by Mariah Winter - to showcase a thriving Amindi recentering her priorities back onto herself. From the aesthetic display of the brightly dressed women in the video, contrasting with the plain black outfits of the men, Amindi choosing to admire herself in the mirror and focus on her money, and the emphasis on the ladies cruising around Los Angeles with their girlfriends, it’s pretty clear that “Love Em Leave Em” is an anthem designed specifically for the hardworking ladies (Sorry, fellas!).  

As she shared with Complex about the nature of the video:

 "I wanted a cinematic representation of girls being about their money and prioritizing their bread in the same way boys do. I just love movies and I wanted this music video to feel like a short film with a happy ending for the girls and a not-so-happy ending for the boys. But who cares? This isn’t about boys! This is about the money, about the bread, about bags.“

The Jamaican artist is a rolling stone of creativity who is most certainly not going unnoticed. Her first globally recognized hit song "Pine & Ginger,” with Tessellated & Valleyz, has been streamed over 25 million times and has topped both sales and trending charts in several different countries. In addition to global success, “Love Em Leave Em” is featured on the film Like A Boss, which features Tiffany Haddish, Salma Hayek, and Rose Byrne.  

So ladies, if your 2020 has been clouded with distractions towards your goals of achieving your ultimate self, make sure you heed the advice of Amindi and Kari Faux. Chase a bag, not a man.

Watch the video for "Love Em Leave Em" below:

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