Cat Burns’ “you don’t love me anymore” Is the Softest of Heartaches

Photo: Sebastian Luke-Virgo

Coming to terms with your breakup? Cat Burns has a song for you. 

The indie pop artist’s newest single, “you don’t love me anymore,” embodies the “acceptance” stage of a relationship’s end, when your heart is broken but you’re done fighting the breakdown. 

Burns lets herself down easy with this expansive track dappled with instrumental delicacies. It’s pleading in the way a breeze tugs at your hair, not like a wind that steals your breath. She outlines her desperation with fluttering background vocals and a lilting acoustic guitar. The track starts soft and builds subtly, so you don’t even notice the blossoming arrangement until it fills every corner with sound. By the end, a choir of harmonies lifts Burns’ vocals with rich tones, and the percussion has gone from soft-spoken to driving. Burns’ slowly lets her voice open up, allowing heartache to seep into her vibrant tone, singing,“I’d rather you list all my baggage… watch you drag my ego to the floor / it would hurt less if you gave a reason…”

The accompanying music video, directed by Clyde Munroe, depicts both sides of this aching narrative. We get to witness Burns’ cry for closure while also seeing her co-star’s inner turmoil, cast in golden light and quiet contemplation. I thought it was particularly lovely how the video involves a queer couple, but doesn’t redirect the song’s meaning toward sexuality—although telling the stories of the community is ever-important, it’s heartwarming to see representation that is so natural and light. It feels like proper inclusion. 

Currently on tour opening for Sam Smith, Burns has an exciting road ahead of her and many an opportunity to debut “you don’t love me anymore” with adoring audiences. Heartbreaking but healing, this song is one you’ll want to hold close. 

Watch the "you don't love me anymore" video below:

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