Chase Atlantic's 'PHASES' Is an Astronomical Journey Worth Taking


With their highly-anticipated sophomore album, Chase Atlantic set out to create a work of truly astronomical measures. The result is an amalgamation of sounds and experiences, ranging from living life on the brink hip-hop to pulsating electronic undercurrents whose own swells and surges mirror the rush of emotions that accompany heartbreak and the desire for love. In many ways, PHASES feels like Chase Atlantic's brash declaration for pop and where they can take the genre.

PHASES opens in atypical fashion for an act who historically fills every space of their songs with a range of genre-blends and influences. Opting for a more minimalistic approach, the purely instrumental "INTRO" sets the stage for the journey ahead. Crafting a soundscape that is rife with imagery of space travel, Chase Atlantic lays down the very first of many connecting threads that tie together PHASES as more than just a collection of songs but a sophomore effort worthy of your attention.

The interconnecting theme of space travel, and the soundbites that Chase Atlantic utilize to ensure the notion of that artistic journey is never forgotten, makes for a wholly cohesive project no matter where the Australian trio takes us throughout PHASES' 12-track run. Whether it be venturing off into the neon-lit, The Weeknd-reminiscent "HEAVEN AND BACK" or taking a moment to reflect on "LOVE IS (NOT) EASY," the Australian trio's gift for musicality remains constant. Frontman Mitchel Cave spoke on what he envisioned for the sophomore effort, sharing,

"It's the first time we were able to honestly and openly hone into something so monumentally special and raw without compromising even an inch of our integrity as artists. We've developed a completely new sound within a matter of months that has never been tapped into before. Chase Atlantic is now dwelling within a realm of its own; it's both scarily isolating and blissfully euphoric at the same time. Welcome to a whole new era."

PHASES is a wildly adventurous sophomore effort from a trio that was already making a career out of their knack for experimentation. And while we would say the sky is the limit for Chase Atlantic with a showing this strong, chances are they would just break out of the stratosphere in the year to come.

Listen to PHASES below:

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7/22 - Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club / SELLING FAST
7/23 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall / SELLING FAST
7/25 - Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore / SELLING FAST

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