Chloe Lilac Shares 10 Songs That Inspired Her New Mixtape  'you were good to me'


Photo: Emma Marie Jenkinson

Love and betrayal exist at the heart of Chloe Lilac's latest mixtape, you were good to me. It's the emotional undercurrent that propels the four-track project forward from the guitar-driven controlled outburst of "lily's backyard" to the confident embrace of  "only love song."  

“This mixtape is all about losing the people you love most. Whether that's losing a best friend, losing a romantic partner, or losing yourself. It can be hard to let go when people come in and out of your life, you could feel betrayed, you could feel heartbreak, you could feel anger, but at the end of the day, it all comes back to love,” shares Lilac.  

Taking inspiration from a wide span of indie rock cult hits and the occasional Childish Gambino track, we invited Lilac to share with us the 10 songs that scored the creation of you were good to me.  

1. Hole -  "Violet": This is one of my all time favorite songs. I love how angry she is!

2. The Breeders - "No Aloha": The breeders are one of my favorite bands of all time. I love the breakdown.

3. Alex G - "Gretel": Alex G is a huge inspiration of mine. The combination of acoustic and electronic instruments makes his music almost sound haunted. The writing is amazing too.

4. Pixies - "Hey": The Pixies are my all time favorite band. This song in particular has inspired me so much throughout my life.

5. Weezer - "Undone": This album is one of the greatest albums of all time. This and violet were the main inspirations for "lily's backyard."

6. Fiona Apple -  "Paper Bag": The honest lyrics of this song cut deep. Fiona Apple is a legend and inspires me so much.

7. Mitski - "Your Best American Girl": I feel like I'm saying this a lot but Mitski is one of the greatest of all time. This song changed my life when I heard it. I dream of making a song this good one day.

8. Radiohead -  "Karma Police": The chord progression, lyrics, just oh my god. This song is amazing.

9. Childish Gambino - "What Kind of Love": These lyrics are insane. I love how melancholy the guitar is.

10. Chloe Lilac - "how does your girlfriend feel about it": I wrote this song!! It's on my new mixtape that just came out! Go stream it!

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