chloe moriondo and mazie Remind Us It's Okay to Be  "not okay"


Bittersweet or perhaps deceivingly sublime? Tragicomic? Is that anything? Needless to say, it can be difficult to perfectly capture the highs and lows that make up much of Gen Z's defining juxtaposing mood shifts. And few arguably do this better than chloe moriondo, an artist who stakes their claim on effortlessly wrapping all their anxieties and frustrations in a euphoric sonic bow.

Joined by fellow enviable up-and-comer mazie, "not okay" sees moriondo reveling in the joy of being anything but okay. Over whimsical production flourishes that betray the underlying sense of melancholia, moriondo and mazie trade verses on everything from potential sexual innuendos, losing friends, to existential dread. The entire affair plays out with an infectious degree of emotional sincerity, leaving you unsure if you're meant to dance, cry, or do a bit of both.

Speaking on the collaboration, moriondo commented, "I love mazie so much, I'm so grateful to be a part of this song!! It's really perfect and I connect with Grace [mazie] so much, so this collab felt perfect :')." mazie added, "Working with Chloe on 'not okay' was such a dream. This was my first time getting to work with another artist and Chloe is a literal shining star. We had so much fun. I really enjoyed writing the song - I think everyone has been going through being not okay and I hope people find company in knowing that we aren't okay either."

"not okay" is a lot of things. It's an unexpected but welcomed collaboration from two of our favorite artists in the bittersweet pop space. It's an earworm of a song guaranteed to find a place in your head and your heart. But most of all, it's a salient reminder that not being okay is part of the human experience, and whether you find yourself laughing, crying, or dancing through the pain, we've all been there.

Listen to  "not okay" below:

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