Deaton Chris Anthony Dances to the Beat of His Own Drum in 'BO Y'


Deaton Chris Anthony's BO Y is a wicked fast-paced, crisp '80s synth club kid's dream. DCA covers so much ground with his debut full-length album that it's hard to put the project into a box. He grounds his work, though, in the fuzzy early funk and dance sounds of the late '80s. The fashion designer by morning, rapper by day, and producer by night managed to channel each corner of his personality into this 15-track project.  

BO Y sees samples from virtually all of our favorite artists, including Clairo, UMI, Triathlon, Clair Clair and Coco, Omar Apollo, Mk.Gee, and Jean Dawson. Jeez, that's a big list. Still, with so many features, DCA doesn't get lost in BO Y's constant shuffle.  

Reverb soaked groove is a specialty of his. For example, the Triathlon-assisted "Mr. Call You Back" takes on a similar slinky vibe, evoking comparisons to Toro y Moi. Intergalactic R&B slow jams are a staple of  BO Y, with songs like "Hello Honeybee, Goodbye Butterfly" and "Sonshine" serving as prime examples. There are many genuine vintage production elements throughout BO Y. DCA's own whispered vocals are often in step with his altered voice box harmonies. DCA achieves the same retro style over his already back-breaking modern dance beats and chillwave synths.  

DCA himself may qualify as a bedroom artist. Sure! But his musical influences sound like they emerge from the deep backroom of a club lost in time, one happy to spin  '80s club hit and 2000s Brit new wave in the same set. BO Y is utterly experimental and fabulous for exactly that reason. This is the music you find deep in a late-night YouTube wormhole, somewhere near that Simpsons vaporwave section.  

There are so many trinkets of DCA hidden throughout  BO Y, giving off the sense of a frenetic scavenger hunt. Everything from the one-off occasional cymbal in "Tony Hawk" to the sound of a rocket taking off at the end of "Coca Cola Cutie" makes listening to his music a curious, enrapturing experience.  

Get transported back in time and vibe out to Deaton Chris Anthony's BO Y  below:

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