Destiny Rogers Takes Us to "Euphoria"


Destiny Rogers is undoubtedly an it-girl. The young R&B sensation channeled her inner cool girl with her latest single, "Euphoria." It's an anti-pop fever dream with Rogers' smooth as silk vocals falling over pretty, punchy production.  

The song's visual complement features trendy kids wearing neon bikinis over crop tops, making the most of a night that is slipping away. There's metallic streamers, a little bit of glitter, and a whole of fun for the whole family in every frame of "Euphoria."  

With the same battling teal and pink lights and sharp perpendicular shots, the visual seamlessly becomes a Euphoria  ode. It's the perfect thing to watch if you're both desperate for the show's second season and craving some alluring R&B energy.  "Euphoria" draws dramatic parallels to the hit HBO show's season finale episode.  

(Spoilers ahead! But you should honestly all know this by now.) Rogers, like Rue, is the lead character in her own story. We see her at a party in a sort of trance amongst the glitter and dancing. All the while, she stays fixated on one guy in the room. Quick cuts highlighting repetitive head rolls and jerk dances do their best to make the visual feel like a drug-induced trip. You'll want to be where they are and know who they are.  

Join Rogers' party and watch "Euphoria" below.

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