Greyson Chance on First Dates, Virgos, and Debut Album 'portraits' | Quick 6

Following a two-year hiatus from music, Greyson Chance returned out of nowhere to deliver one of best pop outings of 2019 with the release of portraits. We heralded portraits for its mesmerizing use of infectious sonics to tell a distinctively human story. And since we still could not get enough of Chance's return to music even after listening to portraits on repeat since its release, we invited the trailblazing pop artist to take our Quick 6 interview. Answering everything from what he absolutely hates to be asked in interviews to discussing why he considers portraits his debut album, this is a thing or six you did not know about Chance.

For those of you unfamiliar with the first chapter of Chance's foray into music, the Oklahoma - native arrived at the forefront of artists being discovered on the Internet. Following a cover of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" going viral overnight on YouTube, Chance would go on to rack up plays in the millions and tour the world all before the age of 17. And just like that, he vanished from the spotlight. Thankfully for all of us lovers of pop out there, Chance is back with a refreshed sound that feels wholly true  to his growth as an artist over the years.  


Discover more of Greyson Chance's music here.  

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