Kat Cunning's Airy Vocals Soar in New Ethereal Single, "BIRDS" [PREMIERE]


Artist Kat Cunning's airy vocals and unique sonics are a force to behold. Cunning returns with "BIRDS," a brooding pop track with theatrical undertones, showcasing her background in Broadway. Beginning as a delicate piano ballad, "BIRDS" builds to unveil powerful drums and colorful vocals. Emotive and poignant, the single is unlike anything Cunning has produced thus far.

"BIRDS" launches a new chapter in Cunning's career, as it champions the new projects due in the coming months. This is the New York-based singer-songwriter's first single since the release of her successful pop anthem "Stay On The Line," which was released last year. With "BIRDS," Cunning adds another electric track to her growing repertoire. Cunning shared the inspiration behind her latest single, sharing,

"The song is about birds pecking at you-thoughts that keep you up at night… the arresting feeling that you can't and won't ever fit in. That feeling has been very amplified for me in schools. In college, I used to dip class and walk to the empty auditoriums to sing the blues. Singing was sort of like yelling louder than the voices in my head. Singing and dancing have always brought me that sense of belonging and solace. I wanted us to look like the freaks in school that a lot of us were. Degenerates that bite their nails all through math to leave at the bell and dance more freely, sing more loudly and speak more clearly than the structures that hold us back. It's about believing in and surrendering to the creative impulses that drive you."

Photo: Marc Harris Miller

Simultaneously working in the world of television, theater, and music is no easy feat, but Cunning excels in all three. She has appeared in Broadway shows like Dangerous Liaisons and Sleep No More and made her television debut in HBO's The Deuce with James Franco. Alongside her life as an actor and singer, Cunning is an advocate for LGBTQ rights and her queer identity has inspired a number of her songs. Her previous singles "Baby" and "Wild Poppies" serve as artistic vehicles for Cunning's queer pride. With vulnerable lyricism and spellbinding vocals, "BIRDS" is just the first of many ethereal releases to come this year.  

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