LoveLeo's Viral Hit "BOYFREN" Is Setting the Stage for a 2020 Breakout Act

Following the success of acts like Lizzo, Lil Nas X, and Ashnikko, LoveLeo is the latest artist who has TikTok to thank for launching a breakout hit. "BOYFREN," the hit in question that resulted in a barrage of search queries, ranging from "boyfriend tik tok" to "you should break up with your boyfriend song," is currently sitting comfortably atop both the United States Viral 50 and Global Viral charts. And while the viral success of LoveLeo's "BOYFREN" is undeniable, the infectious debut single feels like it is merely setting the stage for a 2020 breakout act.

Released via GODMODE, the same indie artist development label that has graced us with Shamir, Yaeji, and most recently, Channel Tres, LoveLeo is expectedly an unexpected delight. Best-described as dance-inducing anti-pop with a call-to-action that is practically begging to be meme'd, it is no wonder "BOYFREN" took off as quickly as it did. "You know I'm grade A / Ya boyfriend wanna B me / You go outta your way / To make sure you don't C me / You should break up with your boyfriend" opens LoveLeo on the viral hit, simultaneously showcasing a talent for lyrical wit and hypnotic delivery.

More than just an infectious standalone single, every facet of "BOYFREN" is an illustration of LoveLeo's captivating persona. Adorned with Freddie Mercury-evoking mustache, the accompanying visual sees LoveLeo presenting a surreal aesthetic that is nothing short of a feast for the eyes. Co-directed by himself and Motoki Maxted, it is a testament to the bedroom-produced appeal that already overflows from the growing global sensation.

With a debut single recorded entirely in his bedroom that only exists because "my mom told me it was good and I should finish it," LoveLeo is doing more than just taking his first step into music. He is launching himself headfirst at an unprecedented speed.  

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