MYKA's  "gucci bloom" Is a Bittersweet Ode to Sudden  Heartbreak [Q&A]


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Sometimes dating can be a game of chance. You never know if you are going to meet the love of your life or the person who will break your heart. MYKA's new bittersweet tune "gucci bloom" focuses on the intense pain that arises from a relationship's hasty end. With stunning soundscapes, cathartic clapping, and glistening guitars, there is something so comforting yet sorrowful about this offering. His passionate, gravelly vocals add richness to the track that is deeply compelling. The enchanting visuals fit the tune perfectly with its fanciful floral vibes.

The Greensboro, NC native is known for his infectious melodies and warm tone. Channeling the events of his late teens and early twenties, his music conveys a profound reflectiveness. Influenced by greats such as The xx and Beach House, there is an ethereal essence that radiates from every release and "gucci bloom" is no exception. We had the chance to speak with the experimental R&B artist on what lead to his unique sound, the inspiration behind  "gucci bloom," and so much more.  

Ones to Watch: You have gained a loyal fan base through your memorable hooks and seamless blending of genres. How did you develop your eclectic style?  

MYKA: It was developed through being a product of my household and family but also the internet and MTV. I remember getting up in the morning and watching MTV before school and I heard some  of the best music I probably would've never known about because that wasn't what my parents were listening to. Once I started getting on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Tumblr my taste in different genres became very wide. I found some of my favorite artists like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean on Tumblr. I'll never forget those moments.    

When listeners hear your hypnotizing releases, there is a raw intimacy that really lets us get lost in your world. What allows you to get so deep when creating your music?    

I'd say my willingness to be vulnerable and wanting to be a light for others. I really care a lot about kids who have struggles with themselves so much that I drive myself crazy in my head. I grew up having really bad anxiety, which was a product of my household; it wasn't the best at times but still loving. A kid with a big heart trying to navigate the world while dealing with anxiety is difficult. It can be a very dark place. Anyone who listens to my music and relates, I call them "unknown" because that's how it feels. That's what the fear is. I'm 100% me for them.  

Your latest single "gucci bloom" is another example of that vulnerability in full force as it voices the intense heartache of a relationship's end. I understand that a girl you met on Tinder also inspired it. Can you explain more about that experience and how it influenced the track?    

I connected with a girl through Tinder early last year. I remember it was right before the pandemic and I was bored so I got on and matched with this girl I thought was so beautiful. We talked for a bit and then exchanged numbers and started spending time and talking with each other everyday. She was wearing this perfume I thought smelled really good so when I asked her what it was she said Gucci Bloom. Immediately, I thought that would be a good name for a song. It was supposed to be more of sweet song but instead she cut things off very abruptly and I was upset so the song turned bittersweet. She was great though.  

The video for the single is so compelling. What would you say is the significance behind all the floral imagery?

The flowers represent how we can sometimes wear "rose colored glasses," not being able to see what's actually right in front of us, distracted by the colors and all of its beauty.    

How did growing up in North Carolina and then consistently moving from state to state influence you musically?

It allowed me to really be myself. In Greensboro, I felt like I had to be this rapper just because of my environment. I was a shy kid, so when I moved that allowed me to find time for myself and just be alone. The transition was hard for me but it helped musically in the end I would say. Eventually, I started meeting a lot more people who were like me which gave me more confidence to be myself, just as a person and artist. I met and worked with so many different producers who all taught me something new. Everywhere I went had its own music scene and culture and I was able to pick a lot of stuff up.  

Impressively, you have been recording music since the age of thirteen. How has your sound evolved over the years and what lessons have you learned along the way?

It's evolved so much since then. I still enjoy all different genres of music of course but the understanding of how each genre is made and blended to make something new is different now. It helped me become a better songwriter and producer of my own sound. I definitely learned that you have to just try something even if you think it won't work, no matter what anyone says and don't be afraid to take your time to make it the way you want. It's your product at the end of the day.  

Which artist do you look up to the most?    

It's always between Kid Cudi and Frank Ocean. Those two are unapologetically themselves as artists and people. I look to them both through music and personal life.    

What does the future look like for MYKA?  

It looks very promising. It's all up to me and I see it being an up and down journey but a beautiful and unforgettable one. You'll be seeing me a lot.    

Who are you Ones to Watch?

Destin Conrad, Zaia, Mallory Merk, REHMA, Paris Texas, Clairo, and Dominic Fike are all amazing artists that I've been following. I hope to collaborate with them at some point in the future.

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