myKeL's "DCMBR"is Emotive, Innovative, and Unrestricted by Genre

myKeL's music is difficult to define. He incorporates a wide variety of influences, but is clearly making music that is entirely in his own lane. His latest track  "DCMBR" is a climactic building track that transitions from a stripped back guitar driven ballad to a pulsing electronic instrumental.  

The self-produced instrumental of the track isn't the only attention grabbing piece of this song. myKeL's emotive and passionate delivery makes the song memorable beyond its first listen. myKeL takes a lot of creative risks on  "DCMBR," but these risks equate to an inventive and experimental blend of sounds.

myKeL is early in his artistic development, but the direction he's heading in with  "DCMBR" is extremely exciting. The Miami native is definitely one to take note of as he continues to develop his sound and build up his discography.

Listen to  "DCMBR" by myKeL below:

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