NONA Channels His Romantic Side with "I'm Not Trying" [PREMIERE]


A Los Angeles native with a plethora of creative talents, multi-instrumentalist Michael Goldman has been particularly invested in his latest solo musical project, NONA. With his extensive background in music, Goldman's impressive career also includes being the current bassist of AWOLNATION and touring member of The Moth & The Flame. Goldman credits his first time trying magic mushroom chocolates about three years ago as the pivotal moment he finally decided to actively pursue NONA, and now he's treating you to an enticing new single, "I'm Not Trying."

Marking NONA's first release since the debut Otherways (EP 2017), "I'm Not Trying" is a gift to the slow-wave indie rock movement with its jangly instrumentation and raw lyricism. Drenched with hazy surf guitars paired with intimate vocals, this reflective tune will remind you of the last time you tried to impress someone romantically. NONA prides himself on being vulnerable with honest songwriting - especially in "I'm Not Trying," as Goldman rejects the notion of a one-night stand because he longs for something much more meaningful than a brief fling.

NONA exclusively shared with Ones To Watch:

"Lyrically, the song is inspired by a Winston Churchill quote and my desire to woo my current girlfriend. The spoken words before the solo were recorded on my iPhone at a music festival in Florida at the request of the mixer, Isaac Carpenter, and I thought it to be a joke at the time."

But wait, it gets better… NONA's Michael Goldman is also launching his new podcast called  In The Band Podcast  along with "I'm Not Trying" (which just so happens to be the project's theme song). In these online streams, he'll be having in-depth conversations with fellow touring musicians about their memorable experiences on the road. You’ll be able to tune into In The Band Podcast on the podcast app or SoundCloud soon, but you can follow it on Instagram  now.

Ones To Watch has your first listen of "I'm Not Trying" below:

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