ROLE MODEL's "notice me" (acoustic) Is Utterly Captivating

Ever since bedroom pop became a worldwide sensation, ROLE MODEL has been one of the most recognizable artists in the scene. Having already performed alongside boy pablo and Omar Apollo, this 22-year-old is quite accomplished for having only released two EPs and a few singles. Taken off his new EP, oh, how perfect, "notice me" is a stunning diary-style track that perfectly encompasses what ROLE MODEL has to offer.

With acoustic strumming layered beneath, ROLE MODEL's wholesome vocals are the focus of "notice me." ROLE MODEL has suggested that he set out to deliver a conflicting mood wavering between tension and relief in "notice me." As his luscious voice melts into the silky melody, we definitely catch whiffs of uneasiness in his emotive lyricism - so mission accomplished!

As the acoustic video begins, we immediately see ROLE MODEL sitting on a stool from backstage of an empty school auditorium. With only an acoustic guitar and chairs spread throughout the massive room, ROLE MODEL passionately belts the lyrics to "notice me" as he walks around the space. Although you may think the broadness of the auditorium makes ROLE MODEL's presence seem small, you would be wrong because he is as manifested as ever.  

On "notice me," ROLE MODEL shared,

"Man, that song came from the most cliche party scene ever. I saw someone, that won't be named, at a party and we spent the whole night staring at each other from across the room until she finally came up to me as I was leaving and we already knew there was a connection so we skipped all the small talk, which I loved. It was beautiful and I was shook, so that was the feeling I wanted in the song. Tension and relief."

Sway along to ROLE MODEL's gorgeous acoustic rendition of "notice me" below:

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