Scotty Apex's 'Starlight' Is a Psychedelic  Journey Through His Internal Struggle


The Indianapolis native Scotty Apex bares his heart over dreamy trap instrumentals on his newest full length project. His melodic flows and introspective lyrics are reminiscent of rap legends such as Kid Cudi, but Scotty Apex puts his own personal touch on the style through his meditative songwriting and instrumental choices.

Starlight is true to its name as the sonic choices make the project sound larger than life, futuristic, and otherworldly. Beyond his melodic vocal cadences and ethereal production, Starlight's greatest strength is its writing. Scotty Apex states,  "This project represents my own internal conflict of uncertainty and where things are going for me." The album starts off strong with the titular track  "STARLIGHT." The track is anthemic, slow-building, and features a psychedelic trap instrumental. My personal favorite track  "CAN'T LOSE YOU" with Mathaius Young is introspective with both artists trading verses about a failing relationship.

The closing track  "OVERNIGHT FLIGHT" is the perfect finish to the project. The track is somber, self-reflective, and also showcases Scotty Apex's ability to sing over the synth driven beat. Overall, Starlight is a concise display of Scotty Apex's songwriting and versatility over forward thinking trap instrumentation.

Listen to Starlight  by Scotty Apex below:

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