Terror Jr Gets Both Political & Emotional with 'Unfortunately, Terror Jr' Album [Q&A]


The loveable pop duo that started off as a mysterious project rumored to be fronted by Kylie Jenner, Terror Jr has since grown into a massive movement that unapologetically shares their insights on the complex world through their spirited tunes. Comprised of David Benjamin Singer-Vine and Lisa Vitale, Terror Jr specializes in danceable bangers with catchy melodies and lively beats, but there's so much more to their music than exceptional studio work.  

Although their discography may seem to be packed with only twinkly pop songs, this open-minded duo makes room for a significant amount of socio-politics to be involved in their introspective songwriting - just as they do with their highly-anticipated new album, Unfortunately, Terror Jr.

Unfortunately, Terror Jr is an impressive collection of 15 dynamic tracks that expose modern culture, the current political climate, and daring love. This lengthy record takes listeners on an emotional journey through frustration and self-acceptance - starting with "Maker" and "Losers R Lovers," two reflective tunes about the ominous future and self-deprecation. Terror Jr confidently calls out their haters in "Yamaguchi," paying homage to the accomplished former professional figure skater, Kristine Yamaguchi. They then confront their justified fear of love and vulnerability in "Terrified," and later shed light on society's destructive obsession with unattainable youthfulness in "Pretty."

The album's haunting lead single, "Heaven Wasn't Made For Me" touches on controversial topics like women's reproductive rights, LGBT rights, and substance abuse. The brutally honest "Kinda Iconic" points out our tendency to want what's new and attractive based on society's questionable definitions of acceptable.  

Revisiting politics, "A-OK (Everything's Perfect)" hammers political exhaustion and hopelessness, but Terror Jr quickly bounces back with "Favorite Bitch," an empowering tune about knowing your self-worth and opening your heart when you finally meet someone who truly deserves you and all that you are. An all-around fantastic record, Unfortunately, Terror Jr closes off with the piano-driven "Happy Place," a tranquil declaration of love.

In anticipation of Unfortunately, Terror Jr, we recently chatted with Lisa Vitale of Terror Jr about the ­ ­ ­new music, bucket list destinations, and current favorite artists.

OTW: Although we know the rumors that circulated in 2016 about Kylie Jenner being the lead singer of Terror Jr are false, would you ever let her join the band?

Lisa: Our door is always open.

OTW: With over 2.5 million streams on Spotify, lead single "Heaven Wasn't Made For Me" is already a notably memorable track off the new record. Do you have a favorite song on Unfortunately, Terror Jr?

Lisa: We wrote so many songs and narrowed it down to these 15... So this is tough. But if I have to pick a current favorite, I'd pick "Happy Place." It's about loving/accepting yourself, even when you really don't want to.

OTW: Everyone's curious to know what to expect from "Favorite Bitch." Can you share what this song is about?

Lisa: Knowing that you're okay on your own, but choosing to open your heart when you finally find someone who deserves it.

OTW: Your signature style is a hypnotizing balance of danceable rhythms and captivating vocals, but your lyricism can be very political at times. Why do you use your songwriting as a platform to discuss these topics?

Lisa: We both observe and soak in the world around us, so ignoring politics right now would mean putting intentional blinders on. I think you should write songs about whatever the fuck you want, without feeling pressure to stick to one genre of music or one lyrical theme. We're all over the place with both and I think that's what our fans appreciate about us.

OTW: You've performed at huge festivals like Camp Flog Gnaw and Lollapalooza over the years. If you could headline a show anywhere in the world, where would you pick? Who would be your openers?

Lisa: I like tiny venues with a lot of people packed in, so someplace like that in Tokyo maybe? I've never been to Asia and I really want to go. Oh, and Brazil. We get hit with a lot of "come to Brazil" tweets. As far as people we'd want to perform with... Is this like an ultimate fantasy list? If so, I'm going with The Fugees, Elliott Smith, The Cranberries, and Kanye.

OTW: And finally... Who are your current Ones To Watch?

Lisa: Let's Eat Grandma! cupcakKe!!! Also, I saw Rex Orange County at Camp Flog Gnaw and thought he was incredible.

Get political and emotional with Terror Jr's Unfortunately, Terror Jr below:

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