Aaron Childs’ “Warrior” Is the Confluence of Classic Influence and Modern Flair

Aaron Childs' new release is the meeting point of classic rock influence and fresh, soulful groove. "Warrior" is the second taste of Peach, Childs' forthcoming EP, and is certain to whet your appetite for the remainder of his upcoming album.

"Warrior" takes listeners on a stroll down memory lane to the familiar sounds of late '60s psychedelic rock. The track's smooth and leisurely cadence allows the impassioned Hendrix-esque guitar riffs and punchy drums to stand out. "Warrior" wouldn't be complete without its brief but potent guitar solo, further flaunting Childs' raw instrumental talent.

The ebb and flow of Childs' guitar is undoubtedly the backbone of "Warrior," but his higher pitched, almost metallic vocals are the cherry on top. He croons about the battle of a marginalized individual persevering in the face of hardship, lyrically reflecting on the theme of human resilience. The track concludes with a bit of a plot twist, as a mellifluous orchestral outro cleanses the palate at the end of a robust piece.

Throughout "Warrior," Childs' homage to classic rock reveals itself to be anything but derivative, as he shows that his personal brand of neo-soul is a breath of fresh air. This unique approach in "Warrior" accurately reflects the equally irresistible and innovative future of his music. For now, Childs certainly lives up to the title of the song, demonstrating guts and strength, and establishing himself as an indomitable force to be reckoned with.