again&again Is the International Collective You Need to Keep on Your Radar


When it comes to again&again, there is little if any background information to be found scouring online. What can be gleaned from a cursory search is that again&again is an international collaboration between Atwood, Colliding With Mars, Garrett., Ryce, planet girl, juicebox caviar, Bluknight, and Wet Day Timetable. Composed of a host of artists from various musical backgrounds and spread across varying state and country borders, the end result is a sort of glorious melting pot, as is evident in their latest euphoric single, "hours."

Crafted in numerous home studios and bedrooms across the world, "hours," and in turn again&again, is a nigh-perfect personification of the enduring spirit of DIY music. The sentiment reverberates all the louder given current unprecedented times, where people find themselves in the midst of a global pandemic and the largest civil rights movement in US history.

"hours" fittingly then grapples with dissociation and time escaping before your very eyes. The parallel to quarantine, lockdown, and one day seamlessly blending into the next may be lost on an initial listen. After all, who can blame you for missing out on the underlying theme of losing track and control of time given the infectious sonics on display.

While only the collective's fourth single to date, the clear level of production prowess and varied skillset of each member shines through brilliantly. At times resting on a lackadaisical, haphazard reflection only to suddenly switch up to a breakneck sprint, each member of again&again makes the most of their rotating spotlight. At its culmination, "hours" establishes itself as deceptively carefree recounting of losing yourself while cementing again&again as a collective to watch.

Listen to "hours" below: