Alexander 23 Reminds Us We’re Not Alone With “IDK You Yet”


During a time of self-isolation, self-reflection is inevitable. It's easy to feel like something is missing when there's not much to do besides watch Netflix, read books, and sit with your thoughts. Alexander 23's latest single, "IDK You Yet" tackles the complex emotions many of us are dealing with, reminding everyone that they're not alone.

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The track is stripped back, featuring only an acoustic guitar and Alexander's nearly-whispered vocals, starting with the lyrics,

"How can you miss someone you've never met?
'Cause I need you now but I don't know you yet
But can you find me soon because I'm in my head?
Yeah, I need you now but I don't know you yet"

As people are relying on music more and more to help get them through the chaos, this song is the perfect reminder that it's okay to feel incomplete and that you're not alone if you do. The soothing vocals and goose bump-inducing harmonies included throughout the track are calming, as if you're being led through a guided meditation. In his own words,

"The song is about feeling a void in your heart. I think especially with everything that's going on in the world right now, people are feeling incomplete. I know I am."

Between the sonic diversity of his discography and his ability to put every intangible emotion into a poetic string of words, it's hard to believe Alexander 23 has only been releasing music for just over a year. His blatant vulnerability and refusal to shy away from emotions is exactly why he's the type of artist the world needs right now. 

Listen to "IDK You Yet" below: