Ally Nicholas Shows Guts and Guile on “Warning Signs”

22-year-old Ally Nicholas is the new kid on the alt-pop block who possesses a remarkably seasoned sound for a newcomer. After the smashing success of her debut single "Feels Like Dying" in October, Nicholas returns to catch both eyes and ears with her new release entitled "Warning Signs." Alongside the track, Nicholas also presents a visual for "Warning Signs" that aptly amplifies her edgy aesthetic with '90s VHS style videography.

"Warning Signs" is a cautionary tale of toxic obsession sonically detailing the tug-of-war between a so-called "crazy girl" and a narcissist. As the track progresses, both partners become enraptured with one another despite the increasingly apparent flaws within the relationship. In the chorus, Nicholas eggs the narcissist on, begging a bit of a rhetorical question that she already knows the answer to.

Inspired by the likes of Korn, Slipknot, and My Chemical Romance, Nicholas blends the tenacity of rock influences with fresh details from new age pop. Her voice is velvety, and her lyrics are colored with persuasion, and the combination of the strength of Nicholas' vocals with the modernized bass and drums edge forward a distinctive alternative sound. The fruit of the young artist's inspiration is heard on "Warning Signs," as we are lured into the angsty and seductive world of Ally Nicholas.

Through her skillful songwriting and dark artistry on "Warning Signs," Nicholas constructs a bewitching tune that displays both guts and guile. After only two releases, Ally Nicholas has solidified herself as a rising artist who is fully deserving of our captivation; we might even venture to say that the hypnotic artist has cast a spell on us.