Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Invite You Back to the 70's to Join in the "Double Denim Hop" [Premiere]

Welsh quartet Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard have quickly garnered a reputation as one of the UK's most promising rock upstarts with outlets like NME and The Guardian gushing about their intoxicatingly cool vibes.

We're thrilled to get dibs on their exclusive new video, which finds the four young gentlemen looking and sounding like T Rex-era 70’s glam gods, full-clad in tight fitting denim outfits, casually clapping along to their infectiously fuzzed-up single. Apparently, it’s mandatory to wear several layers of denim to attempt such lackadaisical dance moves, as the restriction helps one drag the beat, and therefore, appear less pretentious and more blasé. It’s also interesting to note that the playful vibe of the song was born after the boys experienced serious post-university anxiety.

Reflecting on the song’s genesis, guitarist and frontman Tom Rees shares,

“Double Denim Hop’ is the first song that I wrote that made true sense to me. I had travelled up to Scotland to see a friend in an attempt to recover from an existential crisis post-university. I’d been writing a lot of awful songs and decided to take a break - after donning some double denim and going to a very cold barbecue on the beach the idea for the song was formed, I even made an instagram post with the main lyric. I think that's what actually gave me the idea for the song… how sickeningly post-modern is that?”

Watch the premiere of the "Double Denim Hop" video below.