chloe moriondo’s “Ghost Adventure Spirit Orb” Is Equal Parts Candid and Triumphant


chloe moriondo is the sort of artist you cannot help but root for. The 17-year-old artist began writing songs within the walls of her Michigan bedroom when she was 13 and spent the following years connecting with a growing legion of fans across the world. A single glance at her YouTube page or listen to any of her songs makes the innate appeal as clear as day. She is transforming her confessional diary-like entries into highly relatable and poignant sonic offerings.

"Ghost Adventure Spirit Orb" is one of those diary-entries-turned-standout-tracks. The new single follows "Kindergarten," which we praised for its heartwarming sincerity, and in similar fashion morionodo's latest is equal parts joyous and candid.

Adding electric guitar to her signature ukulele sound, there is an unmistakable energy to the entire affair. While the track was inspired by moriondo's time spent dealing with mental illness in high school, at no point does a single second of the rapturous just-shy-of-three-minute track ever feel mired by its very real subject matter. Instead, moriondo takes her confessional penchant to newfound heights, delivering a spirited bout designed to score you jumping up and down on your bed in a euphoric, triumphant fervor. moriondo spoke further on the inspiration behind "Ghost Adventure Spirit Orb," sharing,

"'Ghost Adventure Spirit Orb' is inspired by my experiences dealing with mental illness in high school and the ways I cope with it. The song started off being about how I want to just be a disembodied orb captured on camera on one of those cheesy ghost-catching TV shows. I wanted it to show how a lot of my years in high school have been spent in a gooey daze with no motivation, so I used music and my spirit orb world to escape reality."

"Ghost Adventure Spirit Orb" also arrives alongside a music video that is best described as a cross between Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Activity, and flights of teenage escapism. And there's no better escape than into the candid world of moriondo. 

Listen to "Ghost Adventure Spirit Orb" below: