Dayo Bello Promises Unshakable, Everlasting Love in “Wait for You”


It is becoming more evident with each release that Bello is not just creating music, but moments. With only nine songs out at the moment, the South London singer-songwriter has us convinced that he will go down as one of the greats. Capturing the nuanced feelings of love on each of his records, Dayo Bello does not just pull on your heartstrings, he yanks them. His new single, "Wait For You," is no exception.

Composed of breathtaking, emotion-soaked vocals, beautiful minimalist production and painfully honest songwriting, Dayo Bello captures our hearts at their most vulnerable.  Reassuring listeners of love's strength, patience and longevity he pleads his case for long-distance relationships. When asked about the song's meaning Dayo Bello said,

"'Wait For You' is when the pure joy of a relationship gets a wake-up call from the reality of life. The constraints of long-distance relationships are one of the worst to deal with, but even with all its twists and turns that aren't ideal, you can actually push through and keep the relationship going. This song is for that moment."

Able to translate the complicated feelings of love, Bello acts a conduit with a direct line to our soul. This is Dayo Bello's first offering since sharing his debut independent EP, 360, in early October of 2018. To say we are eager for a full-length album debut from the BRIT school alum would be an understatement. Until then, we will continue to revisit his growing discography and marvel in his ability to articulate our deepest and most complicated feelings.