FRENSHIP Previews Their Debut Album With the Captivating “Keep You Close”


Lululemon may be known for high-quality activewear to fitness gurus, but to those of us who are fans of FRENSHIP, we know that the electro-pop duo met while working at the worldwide fitness store. Consisting of James Sunderland and Brett Hite, FRENSHIP has perfected their delightful blend of pop and dance that has earned them notable collaborations (including "Wanted A Name") with Yoke Lore and Bastille. In anticipation of their forthcoming debut album, Vacation, FRENSHIP has unleashed another breathtaking single, "Keep You Close."

What opens with warm acoustic strumming eventually leads into an eclectic world of atmospheric instrumentals and demanding electronics. "Keep You Close" maintains an infectious downtempo beat amidst captivating melodies and smooth vocals as Sunderland and Hite explore their selfish desires to confine those who they feel most connected to. This gratifying tune is more than enough to get us excited for FRENSHIP's forthcoming debut album Vacation, set to release May 17.

On "Keep You Close," FRENSHIP shared,

"Our new song 'Keep You Close' has officially landed. It's one we've been sitting on for a long time (like years) and we couldn't be more excited to let it out. It makes us feel; hope it does the same for y'all."

Learn how to let go with FRENSHIP's "Keep You Close" below:

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