Guzzle Emotional Oranges’ Freshly-Squeezed Alternative R&B With ‘The Juice: Vol 1’


In just one year, Emotional Oranges has easily become Los Angeles' favorite R&B mystery duo all while keeping their true identities unknown. The male/female collective crafts refreshingly retro melodies layered with groovy bass and delectable guitars that shape a somewhat futuristic soundscape. With public praise from Michelle Obama and Guy Fieri, Emotional Oranges has finally unveiled their phenomenal debut full-length album, The Juice: Vol 1.

The opening track of The Juice: Vol 1 just so happens to be Emotional Oranges' sensuous 2018 debut single, "Motion." Drizzled with funk and soul, "Motion" showcases the talented duo's stunning vocals and effortless ability to incorporate multi-genre elements into their dynamic music. Drenched with alternative R&B righteousness, "Personal" is Emotional Oranges' suggested background music selection for "good make up (and break up) sex."

A transcendental experience with atmospheric violins, "Hold You Back" is a narrative surrounding a woman who unexpectedly leaves her man for another woman. On the other hand, "Someone Else" offers the man's perspective, in which he suggests that she should've left the troubled relationship as soon as she felt unsatisfied with him. "Good To Me" continues the emotional story with the two characters finding themselves trapped in a toxic cycle of old habits.

Easing the tempo to a calming beat, "Built That Way" features comforting synths and driving percussion that bring attention to Emotional Oranges' thoughtful lyricism. Whereas "Built That Way" encourages people to be confident in their flaws, "Unless You're Drowning" shares a heartbreaking message that resonates with listeners who still feel deeply attached to their exes. The intimate closing track, "Corners Of My Mind" brings The Juice: Vol 1 full circle as the solemn song professes an undying and unconditional love for the other person.

On The Juice: Vol 1, Emotional Oranges shared,

"This project is a culmination of nearly four years of work. It started as just a ridiculous idea in a 10 x 10 studio with a close friend and slowly developed into a collective of the best creatives we know. We made music and art that we wanted to hear and see and are grateful that so many people have connected to it. We hope you enjoy 'The Juice: Vol 1.' Rest assured that 'Volume II' is already in the works. This is only the beginning of the emotional revolution."

Guzzle Emotional Oranges' freshly-squeezed alternative R&B with The Juice: Vol 1 below:

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