If “You Don’t Know” Loyle Carner Yet, Now Is the Time to Get Familiar


Loyle Carner is no stranger to the UK rap scene. As a matter of fact, outside of the realm of grime heavyweights like Skepta and Stormzy, there are very few up-and-coming British emcees with a style as noteworthy as Carner's. It is a style he flexed throughout his introspective Mercury Prize - nominated debut album, Yesterday's Gone, and continues to hone with each new release.

Following the release of "Ottolenghi," which marked the rapper's first new release in over the year, "You Don't Know" is yet another soulful portrayal of Carner as a bonafide artist with limitless potential. Featuring Kiko Bun and long-time collaborator and producer Rebel Kleff, Carner makes his way through the new four-minute track with an effortless cool that, over the years, has become a defining trait of the UK rapper. Existing between an old school hip-hop flow and spoken word poetry, every time Carner hits the track feels like a remarkably impactful moment. That is not to say Carner is the only one who makes "You Don't Know" such a standout single, as the beat built around Bun is absolutely hypnotic.

Mirroring the precedent set by "Ottolenghi," "You Don't Know" arrives with a lighthearted music video. Featuring Carner's mother, Jean, the video sees the promising UK rapper overseeing a series of his mother's dates, including a rendezvous with British writer, dub poet, and Rastafarian, Benjamin Zephaniah. With a video that proves Carner's skill set extends past the realm of poignant and powerfully-crafted hip-hop, it's always good to know that if this whole rapping thing doesn't work out, the UK artist could certainly double as a great spy or private investigator.  

Watch the video for "You Don't Know" below: