Isaac Dunbar - “pharmacy” | Live From the Rooftop

"'pharmacy' is about being addicted to something that you know is wrong and it bringing you temporary pleasure, and then you experience the after-effects of not having that thing you were addicted to." - Isaac Dunbar

We certainly hope you are prepared to discover your next bedroom pop obsession, because Isaac Dunbar currently has us under his spell. We first heard news of Dunbar when we had the honor to premiere his single "mime," a commentary on toxic relationships brimming with sardonic wit and dreamy indie pop sonics. Yet, "mime" is only one of numerous singles that have been steadily brewing up in a storm on SoundCloud and beyond.

From the soaring, dance-inducing world of "blonde" to the poignant introspection he first showcased on his debut single "freshman year," Dunbar is releasing a string of singles each more spellbinding than the last. And, as part of our Live From the Rooftop series, we had the pleasure of inviting the rising bedroom pop artists to perform one of those very singles. Performing his standout single "pharmacy" atop iconic Hollywood, Dunbar laid down a stripped-back perform befitting of a future anti pop star.


Photo: Betawave Media Group

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