JAXN's "Crisis" Is a Relatable Feeling

Following up on his debut single, UK artist, JAXN, is back with his energetic new song "Crisis." The 90's influenced tune is truly a cinematic song you can see in a motion picture. His whole style is a blast of nostalgia that had fans head over heels fifteen to twenty years ago, and we're so about it.

"Crisis" is a fiery tale on past love during a time of global crisis. He touches on the feeling of being alone, and what it might be like to be with someone you once said "I love you" to. The intense feeling of "what if" and the longing for what could've been. Something many of us endured during the down time of quarantine. The hauntingly loneliness we experienced at the beginning, but inevitably adjusted to throughout. JAXN goes on to explain where his mind was while writing "Crisis",

"'Crisis' recalls craving a past lover during a global crisis. When the world stopped I had more time to reflect and think about the past few years and the people who made a lasting impression in my life. Just a cheeky love song sat on a nostalgic, English energetic backdrop."

His lyrical ability to connect with so many dealing with the same issue in the past few months isn't the only thing that shines through on this song. The production is a classic English punk rock melody, but with a blend of current pop. JAXN produced the song himself and it shows how talented he is not only as a singer/songwriter but also as a producer. We can't wait to see where his career takes him.