JDM Global’s ‘SUMMER 21 PACK’ Is the Perfect Dose of Indie Rock For the Summer


We may still be a few odd weeks from the official start of summer, but JDM Global's SUMMER 21 PACK has us feeling otherwise. SUMMER 21 PACK signals not only the start of sunnier horizons but marks the debut project from JDM Global, who you may recognize as Josh Mehling, the producer who has worked alongside Claud and currently makes up a quarter of superband Shelly alongside Clairo, Claud, and Noa Frances Getzug. However, this time around, Mehling is taking front and center stage.

While only containing three succinct offerings, the debut project from JDM Global explores an impressive amount of breadth and depth. The EP's lead single "Cake" and its lo-fi production and stream-of-conscious delivery sets the stage as a sunnier departure from the dark, tight clubs and bedrooms that birthed indie rock.

"Tight" follows as a kaleidoscopic daydream that manages to evoke comparisons to niche basement genres like shoegaze and fuzz rock, even while JDM Global's allusions of escaping to the seaside hover just under the surface of the swirling instrumentation. The closer "Get Back" arrives as the most distinct of the three singles, carving out a space for itself somewhere between The Strokes and Upstate New York folk meditation.

 As the final moments of "Get Back" and thus SUMMER 21 PACK fade to black, it's hard not to wish for more. But, like the last fleeting days of summer fading into fall, there is a simple beauty to be found in its impermanence. Poetry aside, if someone could ask JDM Global when the next project is coming that would be great.

Listen to SUMMER 21 PACK below: