Junaco Returns With Peacefully Hypnotic Single “Blue Room”


As we approach a year spent in quarantine, many of us are seeking music that not only provides us with a sense of serenity, but also a chance to escape from the confines of our homes. Luckily this week, Junaco provides us with just that on their newest single "Blue Room." Though this is their first release of 2021, "Blue Room" could not have come sooner, as the indie-rock-meets-chillwave track provides fans with psychedelic guitar melodies and ethereal vocals that remind us that better days lie ahead of us.

When writing "Blue Room," Junaco reveals that an important aspect to their creative process was mindfulness, and "focusing on the beauty in the simplicity of life." The track reflects this sentiment clearly, as Junaco's vocal harmonies and steady percussion acts as a brief moment of catharsis - possibly intended to ground us during a year that has turned the world upside-down. Featuring production from James McAlister (The National, Sufjan Stevens), "Blue Room" is like a mini vacation that urges the listener to look inwards while reflecting on the magic in their lives at the same time. 

No matter how the past year has impacted you, “Blue Room” is a sobering reminder to slow down and allow yourself a chance to escape the monotony you may be stuck in. Though it may be a while until we're allowed to safely live our lives again, I'll be keeping this track on repeat until then.