Liza Anne Unleashes Her Inner Empath On “I Wanna Be There”


Liza Anne's take on mental health and self awareness is a bright one. In her latest single, "I Wanna Be There", the Nashville native turns her own struggles into vivid soundscapes with intense lyrical depth. Her latest comes from her upcoming mid summer album, Bad Vacation, due this July. 

"I Wanna Be There" is an art rock pop charmer. The chorus is full of twangy guitar work boosting a gentle melody similar to that of a pleasant afternoon. But Liza Anne’s topic of choice in the song is not so light. She goes on about seeing a darkness come over someone she cares about, singing, "I felt the lights inside of you just go down." It's symbolic of the not so pretty parts of a relationship, Liza Anne says, 

"Losing someone you love to their own pain is a really strange thing because you might still have that person around physically but the emotional distance you feel looms like a dark cloud in the room. This song is about feeling the weight of someone else's sadness and feeling it, inevitably, bring you down too because when you love someone, sometimes you wear their emotions like your own."

Listen to "I Wanna Be There" below: