Mallory Merk Reminds Us of the Important Distinction Between Being Lonely and Alone


Vulnerability can cloud our judgment. In her new single, “Ghosts,” Mallory Merk dives into the idea of settling for mediocre company as a remedy for loneliness.

A breathtaking guitar-driven song, “Ghosts” exudes a vibe reminiscent of the songweavers of yesterday paired with the modern angelic vocals of Clairo. Merk sings in the first verse, “Are these people, lightin’ up my room just by leavin’… / Would you take my sorrow with you?” A lyrically vulnerable song, the chorus tagline, “I wish I wasn’t lonely / I know I would’ve kicked you out,” perfectly sums up the tendency to hold on to empty company in fear of having none. 

The trade-off, however, is that being with the wrong people can often make you feel lonelier than actually being alone. Merk touches on this phenomenon in the second verse, as the full band trickles in, confessing, “Rather be alone / Than around a bunch of clones / That remind me / Of all the parts about me that I hate / Don’t pick up my phone / I’m down a rabbit hole with some old friends / Who know how to ghost me by the end of the high.” 

Being ghosted by a friend is often the most painful way to cut ties. Yet, maintaining such relationships can be toxic, whether as a search for social fulfillment or a distraction from a lack thereof.  

Through a nostalgic guitar sound and her soft vocals, Mallory Merk reminds us of the price of settling for mediocre relationships of any kind. And that sometimes, it is better to be alone than to be around people who make you feel lonely.

Listen to “Ghosts” below: