MIKNNA Provides an ‘Escape’ From the Mundane in Conceptual Debut Album


From its very opening moments, MIKNNA's latest project instills itself with a sense of constant, evolving motion. It is a feat that is by no means alien for the Los Angeles hip-hop and electronic R&B duo who have made a veritable career out of bridging sounds as contemporary to our modern-day listening experience as Hall & Oates and The Neptunes, but with the futuristic vision of pioneers like Frank Ocean and Daft Punk. MIKNNA channels this wide breadth of influence and more in their conceptual debut album, Escape.

The nine-track concept album explores themes surrounding artificial love, the advancement of technology, and perhaps the greatest and most important hero's journey in existence–the road to self-love. It a journey the duo makes largely on their own, floating through tracks that run the gamut from delectably sweet soul offerings to neon-lit R&B-infused hip-hop. However, that is not to say Escape is a completely solitary trip. One particular standout track, the title track "Escape," sees MIKNNA enlisting the vocal talents of contemporary R&B duo VanJess, as the newly formed quartet ventures out into an evolving sonic paradise.  


MIKNNA spoke on the noteworthy debut project, sharing in a heartfelt Instagram post,

"We wish we can put into words how we feel right about now… but it's really hard to explain the range of emotions. This album is for you to journey with. Wherever your desired destination may be in life, we hope that each piece enlightens the way. For all our fans, friends, & supporters, thank you for letting us live in your sonic space."

Making the voyage through a lush textural soundscape, proliferated by vintage '80s analog production and soulful melodies, MIKNNA exits the other side of Escape cemented as masters at fusing a timeless sound with the sounds of today and tomorrow.

Listen to Escape below: