Monsune Debuts a Musical Whirlwind of Soulful Indie Jams with ‘Tradition’ EP


Plunderphonics is the name of the game, and Monsune is the absolute master of this timeless craft. Wavy synths and Childish Gambino-esque vocals are exactly how we'd describe Monsune's groovy sound, and his orgasmic debut EP, Tradition, illustrates this image even more. He has spent countless hours creating indie jams straight out of his Toronto bedroom, and now he's ready to share his impressive five-track collection: Tradition.

On Tradition, Monsune shared,

"'Tradition' is a collection of five songs I've been working on over the past year. The EP is loosely based on the emotional chaos I've been through while transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. It covers some of my experiences with uncertainty, infatuation, diaspora, and a lot of other new feelings I've come across throughout this transition."

Although Jeff Ellis (Frank Ocean, Kali Uchis) and Mike Malchicoff mixed the EP, Tradition is written and produced by Monsune himself. Whether it be the compelling soundbites of "1998" or the righteous bass lines of "CLOUD," every juicy song on this record is everything it needed to be. While "OUTTA MY MIND" features Monsune's utterly soulful vocals, the pulsating "MOUNTAIN" is a pristine display of Monsune's musical versatility. And finally, "JADE" is a slow burning track that features a lovely guitar arrangement, courtesy of Monsune.

Monsune continued,

"Sonically, the project draws from a bunch of different influences that have shaped me over the past little while. I listened to a lot of Prince, Outkast, Mazzy Star, and J Dilla while making it. Each song is a combination of instruments I've recorded and samples chopped from old and new records that I love. It's admittedly pretty all over the place, but it's probably a good representation of my confusion as a young adult in this weird day and age."

Jump into the musical whirlwind of Monsune with Tradition below: