Obsessed with The Jonas Brothers Reunion? Here are 7 Ones To Know


"S.O.S…" The Jonas Brothers are back, baby! It looks like we didn't have to wait until the "Year 3000" for them to reunite after all because our favorite childhood trio is making a surprise comeback much earlier than we expected. Comprised of three beloved brothers, The Jonas Brothers formed in 2005 and immediately recorded "Please Be Mine," which led to their monumental signing with Columbia Records.

Proud of their family name, Joe, Kevin, and Nick initially considered naming their pop group "Sons of Jonas," but they later settled on the memorable Jonas Brothers instead. The undeniable heartthrobs of the 2000s spent the latter half of their teenage years in the recording studio, starring in their own Disney Channel television series, and touring across the world with some of their generation's finest pop stars–including Jesse McCartney, the Backstreet Boys, and The Cheetah Girls.

With catchy radio hits like "Burnin' Up" and "Lovebug," it's nearly impossible for us to pick a favorite old school JoBros track, and now they've made things even more difficult by treating us to a brand new 2019 single, "Sucker." A decade after their GRAMMY nomination for Best New Artist and six long years after their devastating split, the Jonas Brothers have joined forces once again to reignite our undying love of classic boy bands. With a forthcoming album and an upcoming documentary with Amazon Studios confirmed, we have one simple message for the Jonas Brothers: we're most definitely "Still in Love With You."

Regardless of who is your favorite Jonas sibling, here are seven rising artists you need to know if you're obsessed with the Jonas Brothers:



Before you ask; no, A R I Z O N A isn't from the Grand Canyon State, but their electro-pop bangers are actually quite suitable for long cruises along towering canyons and dusty highways. The New Jersey trio formed in 2015 and quickly signed to Atlantic Records, where they released their debut album, GALLERY, which features their hit song "Oceans Away." During a 2017 interview with us, A R I Z O N A reflected on the exquisite record, "Because we didn't have some high-concept album, we actually named it 'GALLERY.' For us, all these songs have real touch points in our lives, and so it's us on display." Start falling in love with their impressive discography now and buy your tickets to their upcoming Find Someone tour presented by yours truly.



Actively defying their native Nashville's stereotypical country music scene, COIN has taken it upon themselves to create infectious indie-pop jams that'll get you dancing like nobody's watching. With two incredible full-length albums to their name, COIN definitely deserves to be on your radar if you adore dancey melodies and enthusiastic instrumentals–especially their notable 2017 track, "Talk Too Much." Their recent single, "Simple Romance" explores the process of falling in love, emphasizing the mind-boggling chemistry of an enticing connection. A penny for our thoughts? We bet COIN's bubbly personality (as you can grasp in our 2018 tour preview video) will convince you to add them to your playlists immediately.



The Portuguese translation for "flower," flor is an indie-pop band from Hood River, Oregon, comprised of close friends who came together as energetic teenagers to create genre-bending music about heartache and anxiety. flor's remarkable debut album, come out. you're hiding dreams up an intensely cinematic take on synth-driven alt-pop. On their latest adrenaline-pumping single, "get behind this," frontman Zach Grace shared, "We were fortunate to spend a lot of 2018 in the studio, and couldn't wait until next year to start sharing new music. 'get behind this' has been one of our favorite songs to perform live for a while now, and we're so happy to release it as a single." Revisit flor's All Eyes On performance of "Rely" and our 2018 interview with the indie-pop geniuses.

Knox Hamilton


A pop rock band who met in a Little Rock, Arkansas church, Knox Hamilton takes pride in providing comfort through cheerful lyrics, uplifting bells, and crushing synthesizers in their euphoric discography. Their celebrated debut album, The Heights, differs from their most recent effort, Beach Boy (EP 2018), which is drenched with warm instrumentals and comforting vocals all around. In a 2016 interview with us, Knox Hamilton discussed their pure intentions with listeners' responses to their pleasant music, "We want them to feel uplifted. We try not to be a big downer all the time. We're probably considered composers of euphoria, so you can call us euphoric composers."



lovelytheband makes it their mission to create a lasting connection with their dedicated audience by holding nothing back when it comes to translating emotions and anxieties into lively pop anthems. Their captivating debut single, "broken," has captured the appreciative hearts of millions worldwide as lovelytheband shares their honest perspective on insecurities while maintaining an inviting aura supported by high-pitched synthesizers and calming percussion. Spend some time going through their touching discography and sing along to their encouraging tunes at their upcoming the finding it hard to smile tour.

The Faim


The Faim (French for "the hunger") is an alternative rock band from Perth, Australia, that seeks inspiration from established names like Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and Metallica. When The Faim first got their first big break in Los Angeles, they found themselves tirelessly writing and recording two songs per day in the studio. On their musical journey, The Faim shared, "The best part is that this is only the beginning. The story is just starting. There's so much left to do and we can't wait." Revisit The Faim's phenomenal All Eyes On performance of "Summer Is a Curse."

The Hunna


With roots that bury themselves deep in the urgency of rock and a sound that's dappled with a carefree indie aesthetic, The Hunna wants you to take a leaf out of their book, let go of your inhibitions and be young, be free, and be whoever the hell you want to be. The British alternative rock band has two astounding full-length records to speak for themselves, and their teeth-clenching vocals and grappling guitar flicks definitely don't disappoint. With their highly-anticipated new album, Dare (LP 2018), The Hunna is back at it again with thrilling tunes about life and love as they continue to grow as a band and individuals.