Patricia Lalor Is the Perfect Addition to Your Quarantine Soundtrack

From continued self-discovery to marked change, being young comes with its own share of unknowns. But for Patricia Lalor, being a teenager in the modern age looks quite different. The 15-year-old Irish singer-songwriter has found her voice from a young age, and as she shares it with the rest of the world, we are all ears.

At age 10, Lalor began playing guitar before starting a Youtube Channel a year later. She began releasing self-produced originals and music videos last year and has since amassed over 155 thousand subscribers and is nearing 100 thousand Spotify monthly listeners. 

If there is one thing quarantine has brought upon us all, it is an intensified opportunity for introspection and rumination. Like many, Lalor is taking this time to reflect through her creativity. Influenced by artists like Radiohead, Broken Social Scene, Zero 7, Florist, Bon Iver, Beach House and Ariel Pink, Lalor describes her sound to as "alternative, sad, trippy…whatever you want it to be!" Her dreamy sound has taken on darker, sadder layers over the course of quarantine, though she is thankful it affords her more time to work on music while balancing her dream with school. 

This is evident, as Lalor's first single of the year, "Sleep Talk," marked the beginning of an ensuing album's worth of releases. Luckily, amidst a quarantine, her production team lives with her, as her sister and mother help her create videos and content. Lalor explains that "being in an environment where it's just [her] and [her] mom filming makes filming videos way more comfortable than working with a bunch of strangers…it's weird to imagine doing anything else." 

Lalor is collecting fans from all over, including Hozier who claimed her "Cherry Wine" cover is one of the best he's ever heard. Her series of releases this year, including her most recent release Covers EP1, have given us a sneak peek into her world and we cannot wait to see where this journey takes us all. 

Listen to Covers EP1 below: