Peach Tree Rascals Allow Themselves a Moment to Reflect in “I’m Sorry”

With a TikTok hit and series of genre-bending singles under their belt, Bay Area-bred music collective Peach Tree Rascals find themselves on the cusp of a genuine breakthrough. It is a turning point whose initial spark can be attributed to the infectious refrain of the aforementioned "Mariposa" but extends far beyond a singular moment, snaking a traceable course through each and every one of their daring releases to date. "I'm Sorry" is the latest single in that ongoing chain reaction.

"I'm Sorry" is a wistful moment of fluid contemplation that feels simultaneously reflective and hopeful for the future. It is a single whose emotional weight remains staunchly with one foot dug in the past while the other charges forward toward the sun just over the horizon. So, when the closing outro rears its head and the phrase "I said come on, come on" repeats itself against a gospel organ, it becomes difficult to imagine the line as anything other than a self-referential mantra, uttered as both a command and reminder.

Suffice it to say, there is a heartfelt sincerity to be found in the easy-going nature of Peach Tree Rascals' latest venture. Pairing country's sauntering approach to storytelling with soaring pop melodies, "I'm Sorry" arrives in stark contrast to anything the collective has put out to date. But then again, perhaps that is to be expected. No two Peach Tree Rascals singles sound quite the same after all, nor do they fit into an easy-to-define mold. Rather, the defining factor of a Peach Tree Rascals song is the way in which it manages to give life to a uniquely palpable atmosphere. 

Listen to "I'm Sorry" below:

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