Ralph Castelli Gives Us Chills in the Wistful “Haunted”


Ralph Castelli has traveled the world but has settled down in Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. And from his home in Los Angeles, Castelli is creating a delicately balanced and distinctive style from a blend of alternative-pop, hip-hop, and electronic sonics. The singer-songwriter just dropped "Haunted," which marks his first single of the year. "Haunted" is a tale of the provocative, poignant, and complicated rollercoaster of emotions that drive love.

"Haunted" pairs funk basslines with confessional lyricism to create an alluring single that warmly welcomes Castelli's music into 2019. The track's storyline is just as crisp as Castelli's vocals and showcases the singer's dynamic range. While there is a chill atmosphere radiating from "Haunted," the choruses are wistful and add a uniquely playful element to the song.

Growing up in Alaska, Castelli listened to his parents' record collection and learned how to play the guitar in his family's cabin. At an early age, he started to experiment with songwriting, piecing together songs in the woods of his home state. When he turned 18, he moved to Australia to study composition and production at the Australian Institute of Music. After becoming well-versed in all things music, he finally moved to Los Angeles where he now lives and creates sonic masterpieces like "Haunted."

Listen to “Haunted" below: