Sedona’s Visual for “Leaving the Chapel” Is a Dreamy 80’s-Inspired Ode to Tragic Love


After the release of their debut EP Rearview Angel last year, Sedona returns to us this week with a visual for "Leaving the Chapel." Channeling artists like Kate Bush and Cyndi Lauper, "Leaving the Chapel" combines elements of contemporary pop with 80's new-wave music for a video that is equally haunting and inviting. Directed by Haley Appell (Kim Petras, Doja Cat, Taylor Swift), Sedona and her band are featured performing their track in nostalgic scenes, each one with a distinct surrealism and a vintage film grain.

Exploring a scene of a wedding gone awry, "Leaving the Chapel" features lead vocalist Sedona delivering lines like "How does it feel / leaving the chapel of love / without anybody by your side?" The track's reverberating percussion and guitar help to amplify the video's melancholic nature, as fans are shown tragic scenes interposed between ethereal performance shots. In one moment, a bride lays on the ground by the altar, and in another she holds her heart while lost within the clouds. Between the jewelry, outfits, and directing, the video for "Leaving the Chapel" perfectly embodies the abject sentimentality of Sedona's 2020 track.

Though "Leaving the Chapel" may be the first track from Sedona's Rearview Angel to get a visual this year, hopefully it will be far from the last. The Pop-Rock group made headlines last year with their collection of their tender and hypnotic anthems, and after this video, fans will likely be more than ready for more.