SG Lewis and Clairo’s New Collaboration Is Anything but a “Throwaway”


2018 was by no means a good year for the world, but if there was one saving grace, it was the unexpected collaboration between much sought-after producer, songwriter, and DJ SG Lewis and bedroom pop phenom Clairo. "Better," which we still stream on repeat to this day, arrived as an ineffable dance-inducing fusion of disco and pop aesthetics, introducing us to the collaboration we never knew we needed in our lives. And today, our new favorite duo is back with another otherworldly collaboration.

"Throwaway" is a song that defies its namesake; this is an invaluable gem. Every single second of "Throwaway" plays out like a dream. From the bubbly, understated production of SG Lewis to the ethereal vocals of Clairo, what the two have done here may be in stark contrast to their debut collaboration but is in no way any less deserving of applause. To enter the world of SG Lewis and Clairo's sophomore collaboration is to enter a dreamlike haze that evokes early '00s pop as much as it does a venture through a fantastical astral plane.

The idyllic production of "Throwaway" does more than serve as a masterclass in knowing when less is more, it paints a picture of someone afraid of being tossed by the wayside. There is an inherent melancholic nostalgia as Clairo sings the lines, "Baby take my hand and I'll show you the way/ Bring it little closer, tell you it's okay/ I don't wanna be something you can throw away." The combination of SG Lewis' effervescent production and Clairo's angelic vocals that hang in the air with a forlorn tinge of sadness results in a track that we simply cannot but help fall for.    

Listen to "Throwaway" below: