spill tab’s “Cotton Candy” Is as Sweet and Airy as Its Namesake


The feeling of laying your head down on a cold pillow. Traces of sunlight sneaking through a slightly open window. Carefree hours lost with friends and loved ones. They often say the simplest things are the sweetest. Nowhere does this sentiment ring more true than in spill tab's latest single, "Cotton Candy."

For those of you who may be hearing the name spill tab for the first time, now is the time to get familiar with Claire Chicha, the one responsible for the Gen Z act that is quickly becoming one of music's best-kept secrets. 

Trailblazing a dreamy path forward with each new release, "Cotton Candy" marks a noteworthy departure from spill tab's previous single, "Calvaire," and its hypnotic French pop-inspired production. Opting for a more sentimental approach that falls somewhere between bittersweet interlude and the sonic personification of a diary entry, "Cotton Candy" arrives as a deeply affecting tune.

Barely topping the one and a half minute mark, spill tab makes the most of their minimalistic soundscape to deliver a track wrapped in a velvet blanket of nostalgia and romanticism. Each softly sung word speaks to a deeply-held memory, some belonging to vocalist Chicha and some to the listener. The effect is a track akin to glass. Delicate to the touch and occasionally capable of reflecting a palpable image, an iridescent memory back at the listener.

Listen to "Cotton Candy" below: