Sports Tease Post-Hiatus Album With “Baby Baby”

Fresh off a brief hiatus, Cale Chronister and Christian Theriot, popularly known as Sports, have finally announced a new two-part album. With more information about the project to come, the Oklahoma duo gave fans a preview with the single, "Baby Baby."

The latest from Sports is every bit as groovy and as their previous releases. Toeing the line between psychedelic R&B and rock, "Baby Baby" is reminiscent of tracks like "Whatever You Want" that put the band on the map. The single features irresistibly atmospheric production accompanied by a subtle bass and warped horn accents.

According to Chronister, "'Baby Baby' is about codependency. My emotions being dependent on someone else's emotions. It's about a vicious cycle of not being able to comfort someone who is crying, and their crying ending up making me more upset than they are." With a rather forlorn sense of tenderness, he sings, "Tell me that you'll be alright / and tell me that I'm what you need." 

Sports had previously released the standalone single, "Tell You Something," back in May, along with a statement that read, "We've been gone for a long time, and much has changed. We miss the world. We miss being a part of the world. We miss giving the world new songs."

Listen to "Baby Baby" below: