Swsh - “Come with Me” | Live at Black Rabbit Rose


Photo: Amanda Canton

We had the pleasure of inviting the one and only Swsh out for an intimate performance at Black Rabbit Rose in Hollywood, California, and what we captured there was pure magic. Delivering a standout live rendition of “Come with Me,” we were able to witness first-hand the force that is this R&B artist on the rise. And like any good friend, we would be remised if we kept you out of the loop, so you just know we had to grace you with a bit of the magic from that night.

Swsh’s modern take on soul is nothing short of infectious. The Los Angeles–based artist released their debut single “Flowers” much to our acclaim back in 2017, and we have been championing the growth of their artistic vision from their dynamic 2018 debut EP SOUP to their most recent single to date, “Come with Me.” Call it a siren’s spell, but we are absolutely enamored by Swsh’s wholly distinctive sound.

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