Trevor Daniel’s Debut Album ‘Nicotine’ Already Has Us Hooked

Photo: Cian Moore

We are all addicted to something, whether it's a certain cuisine or show. Well, get ready for another addiction because Trevor Daniel's debut album, Nicotine, is here. And the title is fitting because we have already found ourselves hooked on the replay button.

Though Nicotine hints at Daniel's influences, like Kanye West and Kid Cudi, his signature sound ultimately bears the album's magic. Daniel showcases his blend of nostalgic guitar progressions and trap-infused rhythms, through captivating songs like "Nicotine" and "911," each sprinkled with their own ambiance. 

The album also comprises of tracks like "The Things We Do For Love," which exhibits elements of '80s pop rhythms and "Oh My God," which is driven by a rubbery bassline and an infectious trap backbeat. Nicotine also includes the two previously released singles - "Past Life," a heartening tune co-written with Finneas O'Connell, as well as "Falling," the special song that started it all.

The explosion of "Falling" in 2018 may make it seem as though Daniel's success materialized overnight; however, Daniel has been working at his dream since he was in his teens, when he taught himself how to produce and merge the electricity of R&B and pop with the raw pathos of a heartened ballad. Just a year prior, when packing his belongings to evacuate his Houston home upon the devastating arrival of Hurricane Harvey, Daniel found himself grabbing only his music equipment. It was then he realized the extent of his devout passion for music. 

Addictions can be dangerous. Though you might already be hooked on Daniel's Nicotine, we'll let this one slide. Besides, it might just be the immersion we all need.

Listen to Nicotine below: