Yuna’s “Invisible” Will Make You Feel Seen

It is easy to feel invisible to someone, whether you don't have feelings for them or you hide your feelings so well that they too seemingly become invisible. Through her new single, "Invisible," Yuna gifts us with a soulful serenade to describe this feeling.

As Yuna admits on her Instagram, she wrote "Invisible" on her ukulele at 1 a.m. one night during quarantine. From ukulele strings to our eardrums, the song begins with an ambient pad before a bass line queues entrance of the beat. In setting up the feeling, Yuna sings, "You don’t even know / I would look down on the floor / Every time you’re passing through…Maybe one day / I could make you see me." 

Yuna's majestic vocal timbre sounds like the combination of Sade and Brandy, devising a soothing yet soulful energy. In the second verse, Yuna describes building up the courage to admit how she feels before the chorus comes back, "I'm tryna exist in your world / Invisible / Oh my baby / I keep falling." The song concludes with an ethereal outro where Yuna sincerely asks, "Can you see me, baby?"

We're glad Yuna fought sleep to create "Invisible," a song that not only makes people feel understood but also compels them to feel seen. After all, the people who truly see you, not peripherally but in full focus, are those worth cherishing.

Listen to "Invisible" below: