25 Game of Thrones-Obsessed Artists Predicted the Fate of Westeros


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Before you continue reading, here's your *SPOILER ALERT*!

With only one grueling week until the highly-anticipated  Game of Thrones finale, we're dying to know the fate of Westeros. Will Arya's white horse lead her to victory? Will Sansa prove herself worthy of being the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms? Will Daenerys cease her Mad King rampage? Will Jon Snow turn against his queen and save what's left amidst the ashy ruins?  

Only time will tell... but in the meantime, we asked 25 of your favorite artists, who just so happen to be ultimate Game of Thrones fans, who they predicted would've taken the infamous Iron Throne before it burnt down in flames. Keep reading for responses from DOROTHY, flor, Jacob Banks, Rhye (who is apparently a fortune teller), and many more!


“I think (hope) Arya will end up on the Iron Throne, simply because she’ll be the last one standing, she’s the coldest, and lowkey probably more brutal than Daenerys (even though she’s trying to be).”

Baby FuzZ


"Joffrey will return via a time machine and take out everyone. Now hear me out... The Starbucks cup in the past episode was definitely foreshadowing time travel, so be prepared for Joffrey's return, but dressed in modern clothes and sporting some sick tattoos."



"I'm definitely gonna have to go with Sansa. She 100% knows how to manipulate people and plays the game better than anyone else."

Calum Scott


"My prediction was that the Night King would have won both wars and that the season (and the show) would have ended with him on the throne [and] only white walkers left. But Arya spectacularly ended that prediction for me! Saying that, people are saying that Bran is actually the Night King, so maybe I'm not wrong... As much as I'd like it to happen, I think Dany or Jon is too obvious… I think I would like to see Tyrion on there!"

Cherry Glazerr


"Tabor and I have both been watching this season of 'GoT' so this is a very exciting thing to think about and discuss!! We feel like Arya has a shot at the Iron Throne and we're just going to go ahead and put her name first because she's a more unlikely candidate, she's just killed the night king, and she's obviously ruthless!!" - Clementine Creevy of Cherry Glazerr



"I'm a massive 'Game of Thrones' fan, and I already have a few bets with friends on who's gonna sit on the Iron Throne by the end of it. I was really late to the party; I only started watching it in April this year, and binged the whole thing in no time. I'm placing my bet on either Jon Snow or Arya. I'm not entirely sure how it's gonna happen, but they're my favorites. After Arya's amazing jump straight outta the wood, placing a dagger in the 'heart' of the Night King, I was like, 'Yup, girl's got this.' Jon Snow might be too obvious, but he's so nice and if I was living in Westeros, I'd like him to be king."



"In my opinion, Jon and Dany could rule together because it's weirdly romantic, but I think Arya will take the throne because she has the heart of a lion. She's the ultimate protector and would make a benevolent but badass ruler."



"I don't watch it, but my bandmate Anina Denove thinks the show is about so much more than who 'wins' the throne. It's more about the game and the characters and less about the throne. But if I must, I think the likely candidate is Jon; he's not only been revealed as the rightful heir, but has also proven himself a natural leader and survivor throughout the series. A boring prediction, but I think the most practical."



"Sansa - She has been through literal hell and survived, even thrived. She has learned the intimate details of how to navigate in politics and keeps a cool head. As far as legitimacy… if everyone else is dead, there's no one to challenge her claim." - McKinley Kitts of flor

Great Good Fine Ok


"Arya will kill Daenerys, and Jon Snow will take the Iron Throne... I HOPE!"

Jacob Banks


"Tyrion Lannister. I think he's a Targaryen, which would make him the heir to the throne."

James Droll


"Jon Snow (or Aegon Targaryen)! As much as I'd prefer to have a woman on the throne, I do believe the series has been grooming Jon to rule. Before anyone even knew of his royal ties, he has displayed his ability to win over his enemies and lead with compassion. If there is anyone to unite the seven kingdoms, it's gonna be him. There is a small, albeit masochistic, part of me that wants Cersei to win though... Can't wait to find out who it's going to be!"

Knox Hamilton


"It's honestly hard to imagine anyone surviving this season - let alone claiming the Iron Throne. However, it's easy enough to imagine that Cersei and Qyburn have something ridiculously diabolical in store for Westeros, which will annihilate half the population. Jon Snow, in all of his broody bearded beautifulness, seems to have the best shot at sitting on the Iron Throne. For a few moments, anyway, before being betrayed by Lord Varys for 'the good of the realm.' Regardless of the outcome, it's safe to say that everyone will lose at the 'Game of Thrones.'" - Drew Buffington of Knox Hamilton

Lo Lo


"I think I'm gonna go with... Sansa Stark. She will win the Iron Throne because, first of all, I think Dany and Jon will probably die, and she's the only one actually acting like a true leader. She'll be the only one left that can actually do it, I think."

Luna Shadows


"Dany has gone full Anakin on us, so I'm officially hopping on the Stark train, and by train I mean white horse. Arya, you're our only hope."



"My prediction is that Daenerys will take the Iron Throne, but Arya will kill her. I think there's a place for Sansa on the throne because she's the most well rounded character that's suited for it and she's a Stark. I have to believe that the Starks can get on the Iron Throne, even if Sansa's maybe the only one who wants it."



"Going into this final episode of the series, I have so many thoughts. I think that Daenerys actually saw the final outcome back in season 2, when she was in the house of the undying, looking for her baby dragons. The vision was of a castle with the ceiling ripped off and the throne covered in snow. I can only assume that this is symbolic of Jon Snow being the force that takes her throne. Also, she is showing big time glimpses of the infamous Mad King in her current actions... leaving me to wonder if after destroying King's Landing and taking her throne, Tyrion will take his place as the 'Queen Slayer,' as a nod to the undying love for his family that he can never seem to outrun. Then he'll bring Sansa back to King's Landing to have the Starks run the Seven Kingdoms with honor, but with Jon Snow on the throne as king."

Pretty Vicious


"Well, I mean, if anyone is gonna sit on the Iron Throne it should be Bran, right? Dude's literally omniscient. Plus, they could give the throne a sick makeover and give it wheels and stuff. The Iron Wheelchair... I like the sound of that." - Elliot Jones of Pretty Vicious



"My heart is torn between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow for the Iron Throne. I haven't started the final season because I needed to refresh my brain to all the information in the previous seasons. So for all I know, they could be dead now (this show is obviously not afraid to kill its heroes) or maybe they've joined forces! (Fingers crossed, ignorance is bliss).



"I think no one is going to win the Iron Throne... I think it is going to be destroyed in the fury to control it. Possibly by a dragon. Just my two cents... It would be a cool lesson, as everything the audience wants to see happen seems to meet a bitter end."



"Okay so I've seen 1.25 episodes of 'Game of Thrones.' I got through about 15 minutes of S1E1 before falling into a deep sleep and didn't make any second attempt until two weeks ago when I agreed to a date that involved watching a new episode with five of my date's 'GoT' obsessed friends. I have no idea what 'the Iron Throne' is or who will 'win' it, and to be honest, I don't care! BUT here is my prediction anyway: the one who's sleeping with his aunt. Because the only thing I know about 'GoT' is they like to freak us out so a 'murder your crush who's also your aunt and win the show' moment feels right!"

Sheridan Reed


"Jon and Tyrion are going to go against Dany after her burning King's Landing. BUT Dany's going to execute Jon, while Arya then assassinates Dany. Somehow Tyrion survives and ends up as hand of the queen to SANSA STARK ON THE IRON THRONE."



"Dany deserves the Iron Throne. She's lost friends and nearly her entire family line. She found out she can't be with the person she loves. She lost two dragons and gets categorized as going 'mad' because of her emotions. She has fought for freedom, broken chains, and inspired more people than anyone else in play for the throne of the Seven Kingdoms." - Joey Armstrong of SWMRS

The Hunna


"Daenerys is going to go mad like the Mad King did because she can't handle the throne not actually belonging to her. The last dragon will die. I think Arya could be the one to kill Cersei. I'm hoping for Jon and Daenerys to rule together, but I also feel like they could both die and Gendry takes the throne." - Ryan Potter of The Hunna

"Arya and Gendry. They are not the obvious choice, but both of them would want the Seven Kingdoms to live in peace. Gendry is the only living Baratheon and now appointed Lord of Storm's End. That gives him a bigger chance to claim the throne." - Jack Metcalfe of The Hunna

"I really wanna see Daenerys, Jon Snow, and her dragon Drogon sitting on the Iron Throne. However, I can really imagine something random happening. Maybe something like Cersei staying on top by not getting defeated. That would be so savage. Imagine that..." - Daniel Dorney of The Hunna

"Jon Snow." - Junate Angin of The Hunna

Vista Kicks


"Sansa and Tyrion. Dany is gonna die. So is Jon."

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