Akinyemi Dives Deep in the Self-Reflective "Seaworld" [PREMIERE]


Akinyemi does and can do it all. The 24-year-old voice actor, songwriter, model, producer, and most importantly, rapper, is making waves with a take on hip-hop that prizes deep introspective dives and reflective, laidback flows. Currently working towards his anticipated debut album, the Queens, New York native has just offered us a taste of what is in store for Akinyemi.

"Seaworld" is a brilliant illustration of exactly what Akinyemi has to offer the music landscape at large. Playing with themes of lo-fi and reflective hip-hop, the just-shy-of-three-minute journey is equal parts wistful and spirited. It is the calm and collected braggadocio of an artist wholly prepared to stay true to himself and his roots, built around a sonic background that is infectious in its understated approach. Akinyemi spoke on the underlying meaning behind "Seaworld," sharing,

"'Seaworld' is a song about being in your own lane and the path to feeling confident in it. It's a song for the outcast, for the introvert, for the person who needs some time to spend by themselves and pursue their dreams."

Akinyemi's distinctive brand of hip-hop is one that finds its strength in vulnerability, turning bouts of lyrical self-reflection into a sonic voyage that is greater than the sum of its parts. And as Akinyemi sets sail in "Seaworld," it is an expedition we are thrilled to watch unfold in the years to come.

Listen to "Seaworld" below:

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