Alexander 23's "I Hate You So Much" Is a Portrait of Ominous Pop Perfection


 Perhaps the most exciting aspect of new artists is the constant sense of exploration and evolution. One such artist undergoing a creative burst is Alexander 23, who, in under a year, has established himself as an enviable force in the world of pop. As seemingly one not to waste a moment, the Los Angeles-based artist's latest track arrives as his most adventurous to date.

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"I Hate You So Much" is saccharine wistfulness and ominous pop all wrapped in one transfixing two-and-a-half-minute package. "I only lie when I wish it was the truth / I hate you, I hate you so much / I close my eyes but all I see is you / I hate that, I love you so much," confesses Alexander 23 a sole guitar constructs a picture of regretful longing. The seemingly contradictory sentiment builds the world of "I Hate You So Much," and the production, in turn, evolves to elevate that inherent feeling of juxtaposition.

Underscored by an unexpected snake charmer-evoking break, a simultaneously ominous and alluring air fills the room. It is one wrapped in feelings of love, longing, heartbreak, hatred, and confusion. Further accentuated by Alexander 23's self-reflective and depreciating lyrics, the ensuing handclaps paint a portrait of a waking nightmare. The New York-based artist spoke further on the underlying meaning of "I Hate You So Much," sharing,

"'I Hate You So Much' is about being emotionally haunted by someone you desperately want to despise. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to hate someone, you can't escape your unhealthy love for them."

"I Hate You So Much" is an intoxicating expression of Alexander 23's marked creative growth. It is not an easily digestible pop pill, nor does it ever strive to be, and yet it retains his wholly infectious and personable charm.

Listen to "I Hate You So Much" below:

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