bbno$ and Yung Gravy's  "shining on my ex" Is a Surefire Tik Tok Hit


"Lalala." The defining song of the decade, of the century, maybe even of all time. bbno$ came, he saw and he conquered. Overnight, with the help of the most powerful platform on Earth, Tiktok, the recent college graduate became an overnight sensation.

Concurrently, fellow meme rapper Yung Gravy has been steadily building a cult-like following of fans that love the antics and flows of the 23-year-old Minnesota native. With his track "Mr. Clean" reaching over 100 million streams on Spotify alone, Yung Gravy is much more than the meme rapper title he has found himself associated with. His most recent project, Sensational, pulled in features from rap staples such as Juicy J, Pouya, and Lil Baby.

Naturally, it did not take long for these two pop culture icons to get together and get to work. For Yung Gravy's latest project, the two collaborated for the song "Whip a Tesla," which quickly amassed over 20 million streams on Spotify and over nine million views on Youtube. Now, once again, the two have united for another surefire hit that will eventually be all over Tiktok.

“shining on my ex" features countless witty bars, playful trap-based production, and a catchy chorus to tie it all together. The intro of the song is characterized by a brief verse from bbno$, highlighted by the line, "Teeth slightly gold, yeah, it need a bit of whitening." This is the main feature of the track, the well-deserved flex is apparent throughout, letting your ex know that you're doing just fine.  

For the chorus, bbno$ and Yung Gravy trade-off the mic and make sure to stress that they're shinin' on their exes. With a smooth and relaxed delivery, bbno$ creates a melodic chorus that is a veritable earworm. However, Yung Gravy quickly takes over with the excellent line, "Gettin' PnB Rock type neck" and makes sure to remind the audience "That it ain't a weird flex."  

Yung Gravy eventually takes over for the second verse and does a masterful job name dropping some icons. In just eight bars, Gravy is able to pay homage to the greats: Ariana Grande, Wreck-it-Ralph, and ice cream sandwiches.  

After the second chorus repetition plays through, the track reaches a brief interlude, interrupted by bbno$ stating, "I'd be so pissed if this song blew up on TikTok." We'll see how mad he is in a few days. With a powerful riser, the production on the track doubles in tempo. Over the hectic new production, bbno$ delivers a technically strong third verse highlighted with a few more witty bars. It is tough to choose a favorite between, "Money feeling exponential, glad I'm mathematic" and "You lookin' like some plaque, I'm a toothpick."  

With all things considered, it is clear that Yung Gravy and bbno$ were meant to be creating these kinds of tracks together. With clever punchlines, clean production, and wholly infectious bars, there will always be room for the dynamic duo to rise up both the Billboard and TikTok charts. With "shining on my ex" there seems to be no slowing down for the rappers that have a generation begging for more.  

Listen to "shining on my ex" below:

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