Cochise's "Pocket Rocket" Is Finally Here. Does He Have Another Viral Hit On His Hands?


Photo: Joshua Yakie

If you were to rank the most important days in human history, which one would grab the coveted number one spot? The discovery of fire? The invention of the wheel, perhaps? Yesterday, those answers would be well-accepted, but today Florida rapper Cochise returns with his long-awaited single "Pocket Rocket."

Whether he's complaining about his fans photoshopping his face onto inanimate objects, or doing the Birdman hand-rub behind a cherry red jukebox, Cochise consistently proves that he is primed to be hip-hop's next big act.  Following the release of his debut commercial album Benbow Crescent earlier this year, the young artist has been keeping a firm grasp on hip-hop culture with viral hits like "Tell Em" with $NOT. Everything changes today however, as "Pocket Rocket" works to cement Cochise's spot among modern hip-hop's pantheon of high-caliber players.

It's unlikely you've managed to evade the insanely successful hits that Cochise has developed over the past two years, but if somehow "Pocket Rocket" is your introduction to the Florida artist, then welcome. You're in good hands, as "Pocket Rocket" is yet another futuristic and boundary-pushing hip-hop banger that sounds like Playboi Carti was dropped into the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. "Pocket Rocket" sports a high-octane mix decorated with mechanical hi-hats, lurching bass signals, and the signature ethereal synth tracks that propelled Cochise into prominence in the first place.  

Though much has changed since the proverbial cavemen harnessed the power of fire, Cochise's "Pocket Rocket" provides listeners with another form of heat that both transcends and uplifts our collective understanding. Released alongside a colorful new visual, Cochise's "Pocket Rocket" is a fine-tuned entry into the rapper's already seasoned discography of forward-thinking bangers. Even to the uninitiated, the video serves as an extensive introduction to our hero, balancing humor, pure creative energy, and effortless brilliance as Cochise delivers fast-paced bars with enviable ease.  

Watch the  "Pocket Rocket" music video below:

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